Seasons greetings


It's been a while, I know, I have been a busy bee. Myself and friend are launching a new website and it takes up a lot of my time, I will have more to tell soon!.

Christmas is just around the corner and we will leave for Sweden in about two weeks (can't wait!!). We have picked up our Christmas tree, hung up the Advent calendar, baked Lussekatter, gingerbread cookies and those yummie chocolate covered marzipan treats we love so much. Every morning starts with Christmas music and Lee has made his first round of mulled wine, it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas.  



This is from a few weeks ago (now we are all wearing wool hats) with L's best friend A. They became instant friends before turning one year old. They lived in the same apartment block for years and were like two peas in a pod. A just moved to Stavanger and this was their last playdate before the whole family moved. We miss them so terribly!. On the bright side, we have never been to Stavanger....but I guess we are going now!.



It's been ages, I know!. It will get better. Soon. I wish I had so much more time on my hands, but for now this is it. 

Anyway... we spent a long weekend in Sweden. Unfortunately we were sick most of the time so we didn't do all that much. We spent most of the time in pj's playing with new-old toys, going for short walks down to the beach and picking flowers by the road. Just beeing somewhere else was so good.


Weekend details

Back for a second... It's a tiny bit hectic at the moment but hopefully it will settle down a bit in a few weeks. Fingers crossed!. This was our weekend...kind of. 1.New wool for both kids from Petit Bateau (this one is from Maria Skappels collection). 2.Velvet coolness by 10is from My Little Square. 3.Post summer snack. 4.Summer rags going down to the basement. 5.Colorful mess. All the time. Everywhere. 6....but the kid's room is tidy! How does that work??. 7.Choosing artwork to color. Yes, go for the big apple my girl!. 8.In the window.


Go Green

This little place is about 10 minutes from our summer house in Sweden. They have everything from eggs, all kinds of vegetables, flowers and berries. The kids loved coming here getting a few breakfast or lunch things and Lykke got to pick flowers in the field. If they are not around then you just take what you want and put the money in the box (Lådan). We kind of miss it!.


Are you up for a portrait session?

You're in luck, talented photographer Emily Ulmer is visiting Scandinavia for a short period of time. You will find her in Oslo from September 3–8 and Copenhagen from September 10–14. I just love her work, it's so genuine and natural.

This is how she works with kids and family portraits: "I approach my kids and family portrait sessions in a very natural way. The way that I work is that I show up to a shoot and get to know the kids or the family and I begin to take pictures straight away, as we're talking and having a good time. My goal is to have you not even notice that I'm shooting after a while. I love to do sessions in people's homes and back gardens, as it makes for a much more personal documentation of a family and kids tend to be much more natural in their own surroundings." We are already booked in, don't miss out! 

For inquieries: / Price: for a 2 hour kids/family portrait shoot is €375. That includes the full edit of high-res images (average 50–80 files). Pssst. for my readers, take off 10%.


Evening Mist

One of the best evenings this summer, the mist kind of just crept in on us.... We had Naomi and Trevor visiting from England for a few days at the summerhouse and it was so nice seeing them again. Their kids were Lykke and Levis age last we saw them (hey, that means Lee and I didn't have ANY kids back then, imagine that), time really flies!. As you can see the kids got along very well and they kept us pretty busy too...goofing around until late in the evening. Mathilda and Fletcher, we miss you!.

Notes on clothes: Lykke wears a floral dress from Caramel Baby and Child.


Maman Poule

Pictures we took of the three of us for a little interview with French brand Emoi Emoi. This Maman Poule sweatshirt has become one of my favorites!. Head on over and check out the interview!.

Notes on clothes: I wear a sweatshirt from Emoi Emoi, Maman Poule. Levi wears a playsuit from Soft Gallery. Lykke wears skirt by Atsuyo et Akiko from Polpettine and blouse from Caramel Baby and Child.



This pretty much sums up our sweet summer this year: beach and some more beach. Morning swim and evening swim and everything in between.... We all loved it and miss it terribly now... It seems that summer is over (and it's not even September yet!!). The beach by our summer house is so kiddie friendly, you can walk for a kilometer and still just have the water up to your tummy. This is where I grew up and no better place for kids. Fingers crossed we will have an indian summer a bit later in September.

PS.: Lykke shot the first picture of me jumping, pretty darn cool!


La Coqueta AW14

Fall/winter collections are slowly working there way in to the shops!. I have a small list and I will try to stick to it, more on that list later... This is a sneak peek of Spanish brand La Coqueta. They always do really cute traditional styles with a cool color pallet to go with it. My favorites are the clean Cala jumper (last pic on the right) for both boys and girls (it comes in a really nice dark red color as well). This collection will be released tomorrow (Monday) so head on over and have a look at the whole collection!.