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The Jnr. is lucky enough to have a brand new sponsor to welcome, the very cool british webshop Everyday Weekend. They carrey brands like Quenotte, ESP No 1 and Nico Nico. They also have a pretty special corner called WORN/VINTAGE, make sure you have a look at that as well!. Here is a small interview with Chloé Alexander, who is behind Everyday Weekend

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I like to describe myself as product of France manufactured in England! I love being a Londoner, a city where there is so much diversity I am constantly learning! I have always wanted a career in fashion. I studied design and production at University which followed with a year of interning abroad. I returned to London in 2003 and have had an array of jobs from production to styling until now. Over the years I have gained a really passion for production and the manufacturing process which I hope is reflected throughout my store.

When and why did you start up Everyday Weekend? I officially started Everyday Weekend a few months back, although I have been planning this for a while. I was a little sceptical of opening a new on-line store in the current economical climate! I wanted to be sure that when I did go for it there was nothing holding me back, now felt like the perfect time! I wanted to start an on-line concept store for kids, women and men where I had the freedom to be myself and put all my years of sound industry knowledge to the test.   

What kind of webshop is it? I wanted to have a more contemporary and relaxed aesthetic to my webstore, a more minimal feel – I am not a fan of busy websites! The good thing about being on-line is that you have a wider target audience. I hope my site attracts customers who care about production, quality and are not afraid to try something different!

What inspires you? Passion! Being able to wake up every morning doing the job that I love, that what inspires me!   

What are your favorite brands right now? I am obsessed with Bobo Choses and Nico Nico! For me these two brands are in a league of their own, they have a perfect balance of colours, prints and textures. I can wait for SS13 to welcome Bobo Choses to  Everyday Weekend!

What is it about children's fashion that fascinates you? Children use fashion as an extension of their imagination, I love that by putting on a garment allows a child to transport to an imaginary place of fun and laughter. They don’t have any inhibition, which allows brands to be totally free when designing.

In 3 words how would you describe Everyday WeekendRelaxed, Contemporary and quality 

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Reader Comments (2)

vilket schyst urval de har! kul. och grattis till ny annonsör/sponsor :) det är alltid så himla trevligt att titta in på din blogg!

September 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commentere

E: Tack för att du tittade in;) Ja, visst har dom mycket fint!

September 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHelena The JNR.

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