Weekend details

Our weekend was both hectic and slow... 1.He is wearing L's first pair of slippers. This kind of makes my heart melt. 2.She lives in her tiger swimsuit from Popupshop (find it over at Scandinavian Minimall). 3.Brand new summer knits for baby boy. Love these from Fournier. 4.Playing with her birthday gifts. 5.Grrrr! 6.Yay, I got her to wear pants for a couple of hours!. That's rare these days. Love these from BOBO CHOSES (at Jungelensleker).


4+1=a party 

Our little girl turns 4 tomorrow and our little boy is turning 1 in about 20 days... what happened?. We had a little celebration today and it was all about cake, tutus and little catfights... L had a great time and our little boy took it all in his stride. After lot's of cake we rounded off the day in the sunshine in our backyard.   

Decorations from Mimis Circus. Partymasks from Jungelensleker. Lykkes dress is from Scandinavian Minimall, Levis shirt from Caramel Baby and Child.


A Birthday Give-Away

I rarely do give-aways on the blog, but when I saw this collection of Circus Tableware I instantly fell in love!. It's also very relevant since we are having a birthday party here this weekend (yes, one turning 4 and the other 1)!. The tableware is from the brilliant Danish web shop Mimis Circus and you can win the giftbox tableware set which is the mug, plate and bowl with the cute elephant print. This give-away is all happening on Instagram and all you have to do is to follow Mimis Circus and leave a comment on my Instagram profile (find the Mimi Circus picture and comment). We will chose one lucky winner from Europe by next Friday (April 4).

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This week...


Our little family are back together (after almost two weeks apart)!. Me and my little girl have had such a great time just the two of us, we needed a bit of alone time. But yes, we both missed our boys and I'm so glad they are back!.
Busy week, we are celebrating two birthdays this weekend. Lykke turns 4 yrs old and we are also celebrating Levi's first birthday!. We can't wait... Oh, and keep an eye out for a give-away, it's a good one!.


Icon Meets Icon

Andy Warhol + Bugaboo. Enough said. Well, almost... This spring, Bugaboo and The Andy Warhol Foundation continues it's collaboration and this time it's inspired by Andy Warhol's most iconic print from 1966, the banana. How cool is this; being a fan of the artist, I have loved all the prints so far but this one really...well...pops!. Bugaboo’s collection of Andy Warhol accessories are available for all their strollers. Check out their website to locate a store near you.

The Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Banana Collection is available from May 1.


Summer knit from Babaá

Summer knits are the best, and we sure need them here in Scandinavia. I fell in love with this one from Spanish brand Babaá. It's made from 100% undyed Spanish cotton and I love how thick and soft it is. Perfect on thoese long summer evenings... Babaá has a great selection of 100% natural knitwear, everything from cute cardigans and dresses to shorts and thick jumpers for both bos and girls. Go check it out!


Cathrine Hammel SS14

I had the best time over at Norwegian fashion brand, Cathrine Hammel, tonight. A few lucky ones were invited to try on clothes from their brand new spring/summer collection (not to mention sip a bit of bubbly) and just touch and feel the garments. Everything is just so chic, I feel they have the best basics with a twist!. Have a closer look at the whole collection here!. Stay tuned and see what was in my shopping bag...

Don't miss out: You find Cathrine Hammel in Oslo at Riddervolds gate 26  (entrance in Skovveien).


Petit Bateau+Satu Maaranen

Dream team, huh?. Petit Bateau and Finish fashion designer, Satu Maaranen teamed up and made this super cool collection for bothe women and children!. I'm not really into this whole matching-clothes-with-my-kids-thing, but I would wear every single piece of this collection, and yes, all matchy-matchy with my lill'. The collection will be available in stores and online from April 29th. You might see us both in that red dress around that time... 

For more information (and a very cool website), click here.



Weekend details

1.Pretty crazy about her new ballerinas. 2.Post-breakfast-Sunday-treat. 3.He has been away for almost a week now and I mss him like crazy (and his Dad!). 4.Wow, loads of spring news over at Jungelens Leker (Oslo). Bobo Choses, Bonton, No74 etc. 5.My girl. 6.She wants my starts now... 7.Pretty Jess Brown doll from Jungelens Leker. 

Sneak peek Fall 2014

I was invited to a presentation from MYAGENCY last week. They represent Soft Gallery, MarMar Copenhagen, BOBO CHOSES, FUB, Mini Rodini and Angulus in Norway. I love seeing what's next and even though I can't show that much of the goodies, I'm pretty confident you will love it all!!. Other then that, I was in the good company of different magazines, stylists and other bloggers and got to leave with a pretty sweet goodie bag...

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