Talc SS14

French brand Talc makes another cool collection, it's a bit more casual and loose, which I love. Checks, layers, and floral dresses, just as chic and timeless as always. More great styles on


Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day today with fresh tulips, coffee, balloons and chocolate cake, oh, and two excited kids. How lucky am I??. Also a BIG kiss to my amazing Mom, and my big sister who just had twin boys!. 

Notes on clothes: Lykke wears this super cool dress by French Quenotte from Cissy Wears, we just got it and she loves it!. Levi was luck enough to get this cute Moomin sweatshirt at Lindex, it's a bit too big but it's so adorable on him.  


The Pink one

It's the weekend and having a long breakfast together is a highlight for me. I promised to share our favorite smoothies and here is number two: raspberry with banana, avocado and lemon. You will need this: 250 g of frozen raspberries, 1 banana (organic if you have), 1-2 dl apple juice, 1 avocado and a few squirts of lemon. Defrost the berries for a bit and then mix it all together in a food mixer. Yum!.


Copenhagen snaps

I had a few hours on Saturday to enjoy Copenhagen, and I did just that!. First stop was breakfast at Granola, I  went up and down Værnedamsvej, which host great deco shops, restaurants and small mouth-watering delis. I might have gone overboard with the shopping part, but i figured i deserved know, for that thing i did last other words, don't tell hubby!. See you soon, favorite city!.

More on a specific shop and new Nordic magazine soon...


New Danish brand:Pierrot la Lune


Let's stay in Denmark for a while... Pierrot la Lune is a new Danish kids wear brand that was created in 2013 by designer Emilie Ventujol. The main part of this collection is produced in organic, GOTS-certified cotton and the knitwear is manufactured in 100% Alpaca wool from the Bolivian highlands. I love the loose and airy styles, a great mix of Scandinavian design with the typical French chic touch. Go check out more styles on



Day two at CIFF KIDS, just as good as day one, except it feels like you have a bit more time to walking around looking and talking to people. Here goes: 1.Trend show by Petit Sofie Schnoor. 2.Delicate florals over at Poppy Rose. 3.Cool Milk Magazine were represented. 4.Danish brand, Collect Furniture, was such a joy to visit. Love how smart and cool these kids furniture are, go and have a look! 5.A shoe favorite, Danish Angulus. 6.Sweet CamCam makes bedding, nursing pillows, changing pads etc. A really sweet collection. 7.A favorite this season, French Emile et Ida. Such a cute collection full of whimsical illustrations and subtle colors. 8.A giant Lego-wall over at Legos stand. 9.Brand new Rainbow and Snow from Copenhagen was also a favorite.



Day one at CIFF KIDS in Copenhagen. So much fun meeting fellow bloggers, magazines not to mention all the great designers and brands. Busy day, but here is a mix of AW2014 that caught my eye... 1.Check out CIFF KIDS here. 2.French Emile et Ida. 3.Danish Poppy Rose. 4.Pretty wild over at PopUpShop's stand. 5.Shoe love at Emile et Ida. 6.Hello!. 7.Playful deco over at Ferm Living. 8. Little Trine Vestgaard makes the prettiest knitted cardigans for girl and boys. 9.Soft Gallery, new this season: underwear. Stay tuned for more pictures...


Smooth Operator

We try to make at least one type of smoothie during the weekend. Both kids love it (especially Lykke)... It's so great for the extra energy it gives, and the fact that you make something together. I Wanted to share one of our favorites, first up is blueberry smoothie with sour milk and oatmeal: 250 g of frozen blueberry, 1 banana (organic if you have), 2 dl sour milk, 1-2 dl oatmeal. Defrost the berries for a bit and then mix it all together, enjoy. Easy peasy!

Stay tuned for some more recipes, coming soon.......


Weekend details


1.Yup, it's been snowing here non-stop for more then a week now. Please stop. 2.A new toy for little miss sunshine. 3.This guy is everywhere right now, the new thing is walking with his BRIO wagon. 4.Softies. 5.She loves to sit in the window doing everything and nothing. 6.We made scones. 7.We ate scones...with smoothie on top. 8.Trying to get a little bit of spring in the apartment.

Notes on clothes: Eco friendly mini-mocs for Levi, baby leggings from GRO. Lykke has leggings from Soft Gallery (40% off right now at Scandinavian Minimall) and a tee from BOBO CHOSES.



Well, their spring/summer collection last year was one of my ALL TIME favorites, so pretty impossible to beat. This is BOBO CHOSES SS14. The coolness of this brand and the 70's vibe of this particular collection, I mean, come on!. These are clothes you can play and get dirty in, it works in the city and at the beach. I love it, do you?.

Psst: You can find BOBO CHOSES over at CISSY WEARSScandinavian Minimall, Shan and ToadBrebí and Orfeo in a couple of weeks. In Norway, get it at Jungelens Leker (Oslo) or Nord Design (web shop). For wholesale enquires check out MYAGENCY.

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