These pj's are on my Christmas list of gifts to the little lady in the house... I love the paisley pattern, and I know she will love it –because it's almost like a dress, a nightdress (yes, we are in that phase now, and have been for a while)... These particular pyjamas are from Caramel Baby and Child and you can choose from traditional pyjamas with drawstring tie, or for girls who refuse to wear pants, this nightdress. For that extra special touch, you can get it monogrammed with two initials of your choice, how about that!?.


December Mood...

This weekend we slowly started to welcome December and everything that goes with it... I'm usually well prepared for Christmas, but this year...not so much. Must be the lack of sleep and the feeling that everything is a bit of a blur right now. Anyway, me and L had a lovely Saturday baking Swedish Lussekatter together. It was just her and me, which was so nice for a change. We also did some light decorating around the apartment, the tree will hopefully be up this week as well, there was just not enough time to go and pick one out this weekend (we usually do it on December first).    



US brand Misha and Puff was founded in 2011 and are just perfect for us up in the slightly colder North. Merino wool and the softest baby alpaca sounds just about right for our little ones during fall and winter. I love the booties made from merino wool with a leather sole, the popcorn sweater and the blue bonnet with the little brim. I wish I could get it all for my baby boy...

Psst.: FREE SHIPPING starts on Monday, December 2, on all orders (domestic AND international) over 200 dollars. Use the code HAPPY at checkout. 


Weekend details

1.Weekend breakfast, my favorite. 2.Stocking filler #1: soft gingerbread man. 3.He loves to "play" (read bang) the piano. 4.Stocking filler #2 hair clips from Jungelensleker in Oslo. 5.NYC moment. 6.Stocking filler #3: tiny finger puppets. 7.Skeleton dress from H&M All for Children.


Sweet dreams and nightmares

Soon off to bed, fingers crossed our little man sleeps through the night... We are sleep training over here so we are walking around like zombies. It's so so rough, but I guess you just have to stick with your regime and don't give up... We were soooo lucky with L, she slept like an angel when she was a baby, and still is. Now we kind of have to fight for it. I feel that I should write more but I am just too tired....good night.

Happy/Sad pillow from Little Red Stuga.


Soft Gallery AW13

Danish brand Soft Gallery is a favorite in our house, I think my little girl loves their clothes because of the soft and comfortable fit and the whimsical and abstract illustrations. Soft Gallery collaborate with different artist every season and create really unique pieces. As you can see they do amazing stuff for baby and child but also for adult and home, more pictures here. Want to buy Soft Galley?. Browse the right hand side of the blog, a lot of my sponsors carries them (Shan and Toad, Scandinavian Minimall, Cissy Wears and Orfeo). 

Soft Gallery supports Danish Indian Childcare when selling clothes produced in India. All pieces made in India are recognized by a special hangtag. 


Until next time...

Ok, last pics from our trip to Sweden... We charged up the batteries with THIS view, good company, home made apple cake and yes, a whole lot of coffee!. South of Sweden, you have been good to us, see you at Christmas!.


The Sweet South

We are now back in Oslo and are trying not to miss the South of Sweden too much. Two weeks flew by and I wish we had even more time at the summer house. Both the kids love spending time with their Grandparents and we now have a big garden we can use, big contrast from our apartment in Oslo... We will go back for Christmas, which isn't too long away. 


At the cabin


So sorry for the slow updates lately, we are in Sweden right now, WITHOUT wifi!. That should be a good ting right!?. Well, I just get a bit frustrated... Anyway, we are relaxing and taking it veeeery easy. It's so great seeing Lykke and Levi play together!. They are both growing up so fast, Levi actually said Mamma the other day!. 

We have new favorites: Blue dress from BOBO CHOSES, baby hadagi from Makié and sweater and body from MarMar.


Instagram snaps//October

Oh October, where did you go?. We have had a couple of sleepless nights (ok, maybe more then a couple...), lot's of sweet cuddle and yes, you guessed it, even more coffee... One great trip to Stockholm with great food and company. I also spent hours on other creative projects (yay!). What will November bring?.

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